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πŸ“ All python notebooks & takeaways & my-way of descriptions for missions and guided projects on Dataquest.
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πŸ“ Dataquest AIO

This folder contains codes & "my-way descriptions" (in jupyte notebooks) and takeaways when I follow Data Scientist & Data Engineer paths on Dataquest.

I "rewrite" the descriptions (guides of missions) because I see that Dataquest's descriptions are "so detailed" (you spend much time to read "not so useful" information).

Data Scientist path

πŸ”Ž In the case you need to search something on this path, please use this post.

  • 🐍 Step 1: Python Introduction
    • Course 1: Python for Data Science β€” Fundamentals
    • Course 2: Python for Data Science β€” Intermediate
  • 🧹 Step 2: Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Course 1: Pandas and Numpy Fundamentals
    • Course 2: Exploratory Data Visualization
    • Course 3: Storytelling Through Data Visualization
    • Course 4: Data Cleaning and Analysis
    • Course 5: Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced
    • Course 6: Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough
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