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✏ A web-based markdown editor for note taking.
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A markdown editor for note taking.
It is under construction!

How to?

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Install NodeJS.
  3. Install following packages: @material/code, @material/icons, react-quill, firebase.
  4. Create an account on Firebase and create a project on it.
  5. Modify content inside src/index.js w.r.t. your info on firebase.
  6. Run with npm start and browse http://localhost:3000.

To do?

  • Create a simple Evernote clone (at branch evernote-clone).
  • Apply Markdown to the Evernote clone version.
  • Create a very simple version using pure JavaScript (at branch simplest).


  • The Evernote clone version (branch evernote-clone) follows this tutorial.
  • The simplest version (pure JS at branch simplest) follows this code.
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