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πŸ•Έ My learning path in Web Development.
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πŸ•Έ web-dev-learning

The list of things I've finished so far on the way of learning by myself Web Development.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Courses

The "non-checked" courses are under the way to be finished!

βš’οΈ Case-studies

πŸ“– Books

  • Eloquent JavaScript β€” This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.
  • Fullstack React β€” The up-to-date, in-depth, complete guide to React and friends.
  • The road to learn React β€” Robin Wieruch β€” teaches you the fundamentals of React. You will build a real world application along the way in plain React without complicated tooling.

🌏 Other resources

  • The Odin Project β€” This project is designed to fill in the gap for people who are trying to hack it on their own but still want a high quality education.
  • β€” Top shelf Web Development Training.
  • β€” non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, online publications and local organizations that intend to make learning web development accessible to anyone.
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