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Gedit plugin that adds the ability to change the font size
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Zoom - gedit plugin

This plugin for gedit - GNOME text editor - adds the ability to change the
font size using either the menu bar, keyboard shortcuts or <ctrl>-mousewheel
in a same manner as Firefox, OpenOffice and other applications.


Author: Christian Luginbühl <>
Home:   <>


See the LICENSE file.


It proved helpful for development to check out the git-repository to your
favourite location and create symlinks in your personal plugins directory to
the necessary files and directories. There is a make target, that accomplishes

$ make install-dev


Simply extract the package into the ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins directory, or - for
a system-wide delpoyment - into /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins (the path may be
different, depending on your distribution).

Then activate and configure the plugin through Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins.


If the fontsize is changed through Edit -> Preferences -> Font & Colors, then
these changes are not yet recognized by this plugin. Therefore changing the
zoom level still calculates with the fontsize when gedit was last started.
Restarting gedit fixes this annoyance.

Comments / Bugs

Although I do consider myself as a skilled programmer, these are my first steps
in Python and gedit plugin programming. Therefore I'm eager to hear your
comments about this piece of software. Also if you find a bug or thought of an
enhancment, please use GitHubs bugtracking system. This plugin's home is stated
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