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What is this?

You may be here reading this because you're looking for examples of my open-source work.

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The projects

A selection of some of my more recent work.

bakScript for automating nightly machine backups using rsync (bash)source
darcs-pull-allPerform a darcs pull in every subdir (Haskell)source
epub-metadataLibrary for parsing epub document metadata (Haskell)source
epub-toolsCommand line utilities for working with epub files (Haskell)source
flavours-mvarExploring Neil Mitchell's MVar examples (Haskell)source
ghc-installInstall generic Linux binary GHC (bash)source
grolprepFCC GROL exam prep web application (Haskell)source
hscrtmplHaskell shell script template (Haskell)source
hscurses-fish-exhscurses swimming fish example (Haskell)source
hsinstallInstall Haskell softwaresource
hsmiscA collection of miscellaneous modules (Haskell)source
ks-convertLegacy Couchbase data conversion utility for KitchenSnitch (Haskell)source
ks-downloadData downloader and parser for the KitchenSnitch project (Haskell)source
ks-libraryLibrary of common modules for KitchenSnitch (Haskell)source
ks-restREST server for KitchenSnitch (Haskell)source
lividLIst of VIDeos media browse/playback web app (Haskell, Coffeescript)source
McdaidJohnG-NothingButFlowers_2008Source files for the EPUB edition of the fiction book _(Nothing But) Flowers_ by John G. McDaidsource
photonameRename photo image files based on EXIF shoot date (Haskell)source
projmdOrganize info about projects into a block of Markdown (Haskell)source
scriptsMiscellaneous scripts (bash, Haskell, Perl)source
spectrahexColored hexes puzzle game (Android, Scala)source
sshtunWrapper daemon to manage an ssh tunnel (Haskell)source
tce-confVery simple config file reading (Haskell)source
tce-gameGame mechanics library and related work (Haskell)source
timesheetAdd up timesheet values (Haskell)source
uacpidUserspace Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon (Haskell)source
uuid-exampleSimple Data.UUID usage example (Haskell)source
wallabyWallpaper picker app (Android, Java)source
xmonad-xmobar-configMy personal xmonad and xmobar configuration (Haskell)source

These repositories are hosted at darcshub. Take a look at this exciting stuff!

Older projects are on our own server here

darcs is very powerful, distributed version control software. It's available for the major platforms.


Each of these source links above is also the URL for cloning the source code with darcs. Like this:

$ darcs get http://hub.darcs.net/dino/epub-tools


my email: Dino Morelli <dino@ui3.info>
my projects on darcshub
my resume: html or markdown