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health check anything, monitor statuses with visual indicators in your status bar 🔴 ⚪️ 💚
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run and visualize status checks

shows your health as a statusbar icon, and updates in realtime.

check your network service. check your system daemons. check your hardware. check heartbeats, or check workflows. check with scripts, check with binaries, check with docker, check with <whatever>. we don't care what you check, we just provide a small interface and ui to present those checks in :)


download the application from the releases page, here, for your operating system


upon installation, you already have a working instance, with dummy checks installed and running. let's add your own.

  • open the app, and click the configure button
  • open the config.js file in the opened directory
    • a template is included to help you get started
  • write some checks. config.js should export a function named configure that returns an array of checks:
// minimal config
module.exports.configure = (ctx) =>
  [{ name: 'random-check', fn: () => Math.random() > 0.5 }]
  • save.
  • click the checkup tray icon, and open/close the window
    • toggling the window should reload your checks
    • observe your new checks loaded!
  • enjoy

launch on startup

if you would like checkup to start when your mac starts up, go to System Preferences > Users and Groups and add to "Login Items" for your user



  • export a configure function with signature:

    • module.exports.configure = (toolkit) => [ ], or
    • module.exports.configure = (toolkit) => { iconTheme: ..., jobs: [ ] }
      • iconTheme: 'stencil_dark', 'stencil', 'github'
      • jobs: each `Job has the following type signature:
type Job = {
  name: string
  fn: (jobCtx: JobCtx) => JobResponsePrimative | Promise<JobResponsePrimative>
  pollDurationMs?: number // default: 10 minutes (60000 * 10)
  state: { ... } // @private. do not try to set or use `state`
type JobResponsePrimative = boolean | string
type JobCtx = { log: Logger } // log({ level: 'warn|info|error', message: 'my job is the best!' })

see above for examples.


configure receives a toolkit object, which has a few modules embedded:

because so many health check operations are centered around local and remote i/o, these dependencies are injected for your convenience.

not into javascript?

not a js fan? or, perhaps you just want to run some other binary? no problem--just fire off a subprocess to run your thing. you can require('child_process') and use that, but i strongly advise using execa, which is passed in for you:

// config.js
// @example - child process
module.exports.configure = ({ execa }) => [{
  name: 'disk-check',
  fn: () => execa('fsck', ['-fy', '/dev/sda2'])



  • nvm use
  • yarn
  • yarn build:watch
    • starts the compiler and the web bundler
  • yarn electron from another shell. alternatively, use the VSCode launch configuration to boot the app
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