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:Description: Sphinx extension to remove leading under-scores from directories names in the html build output directory.
import os
import shutil
def setup(app):
Add a html-page-context and a build-finished event handlers
app.connect('html-page-context', change_pathto)
app.connect('build-finished', move_private_folders)
def change_pathto(app, pagename, templatename, context, doctree):
Replace pathto helper to change paths to folders with a leading underscore.
pathto = context.get('pathto')
def gh_pathto(otheruri, *args, **kw):
if otheruri.startswith('_'):
otheruri = otheruri[1:]
return pathto(otheruri, *args, **kw)
context['pathto'] = gh_pathto
def move_private_folders(app, e):
remove leading underscore from folders in in the output folder.
:todo: should only affect html built
def join(dir):
return os.path.join(app.builder.outdir, dir)
for item in os.listdir(app.builder.outdir):
if item.startswith('_') and os.path.isdir(join(item)):
shutil.move(join(item), join(item[1:]))