The first step in creating the dinodeck project. Simple game loop using OpenGL and SDL
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Step 01

The first milestone in creating the Dinodeck engine. A project that can open a widow and setup an OpenGL context on both Windows and Mac. This project uses SDL and OpenGL.

This a minimal, instructional project showing how to start make a game engine. The Dinodeck engine itself started with this as it's first milestone.

Building for Windows

Step 01 running on windows

I downloaded mingw, navigated to /etc and renamed fstab.sample to fstab. Then downloaded a 32bit version of sdl. Ran make on the root of the SDL code, checked the examples by entering /tests and running ./configure, make. Then it should be possible to build.

Building on Mac

Step 01 running on mac

Building on Android

This requires quite a lot of setup.