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 --- What is iroffer? ---

iroffer is a software program that acts as a fileserver for IRC.
It is similar to a FTP server or WEB server, but users can download
files using the DCC protocol of IRC instead of a web browser.

iroffer is a standalone executable written entirely in C.
Designed for speed and efficiency, iroffer can transfer over 95MByte/sec
over a gigabit ethernet connection.

See the file "README.modDinoex" for changelog and features.

 --- Website ---

Visit the iroffer web site

This is an improved version of iroffer
 the unmodified version can be found at

 --- How to Contact the Author ---

Suggestions and feeback welcome, visit me on:
 #dinoex on
 #dinoex on

 --- Supported Platforms ---

FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD
MacOS X Server

All other platforms have not been tested, but will probabily work

 --- License ---

Please read the file "LICENSE"

 --- Documentation ---

Please read the files "iroffer.1", "xdcc.7" and the files
provided in the directory "doc".

A sample config file with name "sample.config" is provided.

More Documentation is online at https://project/

Please view the file "doc/INSTALL-linux-en.txt"
or browse it online at

 --- Install ---

To build a full featured iroffer run:
	./Configure -curl -geoip -upnp -ruby

Then run:

 --- Translation ---

To build a language specific program:
for German run
	make de
for French run
	make fr
for Italian run
	make it

 --- Why use iroffer to offer? ---

 - extremely fast dcc transfers
 - extremely low cpu usage, and low ram usage
 - adjustable bandwidth and traffic limiting
 - fair queuing of downloads
 - very user friendly
 - remote administration via /msg or DCC CHAT
 - configurable logfiles
 - gentle to the IRC server
 - groups of packs
 - password protected packs
 - multiple IRC networks
 - IPv6 supported
 - SSL with the IRC server supported
 - Nickserv or CertFP authentification
 - passive DCC
 - build in HTTP-server
 - build in Telnet-server
 - supports UPnP NAT-Routers
 - XML Packlist
 - FISH encryption
 - transfer of files >4GB
 - batched transfers
 - extendable with ruby scripts, ruby-cgi

 --- What files can I offer? ---

 - Your channel's rules or FAQ
 - Pictures, Music, Programs, Shareware/Freeware, Programs you have
     written, etc.
 - Note: Be sure to consult and follow the appropriate copyright
   statement, distibution policy, and/or license agreement before
   offering any content you didn't create yourself

 --- End of README ---