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Pasteur is an unikernel (MirageOS) which provide an mini-website to paste snippets and save them into a Git repository. The goal of this project is to be an example of: how to write an unikernel today?

This example uses several stacks like the HTTP stack (with http/af), the Git stack (with ocaml-git) with Irmin with underlaying layers - available in MirageOS organization.

Design comes from

How to use it?

MirageOS let user to choose which backend he wants. So we have 3 generals backends:

  • KVM (with Solo5)
  • Unix
  • Xen

Currently, the project is tested with the Unix backend - the most easy to deploy.

Unix backend

First, you need to have the MirageOS tool:

$ opam install mirage

Then, under the repository:

$ mirage configure -t unix
$ make depends
$ mirage build

And you builded the unikernel! However, this unikernel needs to communicate with a remote Git repository. In an other shell, we need to make a new Git repository with, at least, one commit in master:

$ mkdir pasteur
$ cd pasteur
$ git init --bare
$ git read-tree --empty
$ FIRST_COMMIT=`git commit-tree $(git write-tree) -m .`
$ git update-ref "refs/heads/master" $FIRST_COMMIT`

Then, we can launch the Git server:

$ cd ..
$ git daemon --base-path=. --export-all --reuseaddr --informative-errors --verbose --enable=receive-pack 

You can clone it by this way:

$ git clone git://

So we can start to launch the unikernel:

$ ./main.native

It listens into 4343, so you can open and see your Git repository feeded.

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