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Going Underground

Play: http://dinotash.com/goingunderground/

You're on the Victoria Line looking at the people opposite. You have to avoid making eye contact. It's rude to stare.

Here's the rules of the game:

  • Your attention is drawn to the person nearest where you're looking.
  • Use the arrow keys to control where you're looking.
  • Your bounce back if you move it to the edge of what you can see.
  • If you don't press an arrow key for five seconds, you lose control.

Random character generation

My favorite part about making this game was making a different cast of passengers for every game. London is a very diverse place with all kinds of people in it. There are around 75 quadrillion possible people for you to look at!

The game has a weighted random probability function to decide if each passenger should be male, female, bespectacled, bearded, bald, and wearing a skirt, dress, v-neck top or showing their midriff. It also has a set palette of colors for hair, skin, eyes, pants and shoes, although shirts can be any colour. Heights and lengths of clothes are also random, within a range.