Nextjs server to query websites with GraphQL
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Deploy to now

CoolQLCool (CQC) is an open source Graph QL server that allows you to turn websites into a Graph QL api. You can play around with it in GraphiQL.

Important pieces of code are in schema/. Inside of schema/element.js is the schema for grabbing element information from pages. Inside of schema/parse.js is the schema for specifying which site you want to query.

All fields have a description alongside the function for determining what to return. If you have any questions on what a field returns feel free to make an issue and I can explain further what it does.


You can very quickly run your own CQC server using Now. After you're all set up with a Zeit account, run npm run deploy in your terminal in this repo's directory. This will compile webpack for you, and run now for you. If you don't need the home page, simply run now.


The important bits are able to be ran with npm start this boots up an express server with endpoints /graphql for creating queries, and a /graphiql endpoint for help with building queries.

To compile assets for the home page do webpack --watch.


Here's some other applications and tools that also do similar things as CoolQLCool. They're all great:

  • GDOM - DOM Traversing and Scraping using GraphQL
  • GraphQL Scraper - Extract structured data from the web using GraphQL