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.. module:: diofant.logic


The logic module for Diofant allows to form and manipulate logic expressions using symbolic and Boolean values.

Forming logical expressions

You can build Boolean expressions with the standard python operators & (:class:`~diofant.logic.boolalg.And`), | (:class:`~diofant.logic.boolalg.Or`), ~ (:class:`~diofant.logic.boolalg.Not`):

>>> y | (x & y)
Or(And(x, y), y)
>>> x | y
Or(x, y)
>>> ~x

You can also form implications with >> and <<:

>>> x >> y
Implies(x, y)
>>> x << y
Implies(y, x)

Like most types in Diofant, Boolean expressions inherit from :class:`~diofant.core.basic.Basic`:

>>> (y & x).subs({x: True, y: True})
>>> (x | y).atoms()
{x, y}

The logic module also includes the following functions to derive boolean expressions from their truth tables-

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.SOPform

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.POSform

Boolean functions

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.BooleanTrue

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.BooleanFalse

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.And

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Or

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Not

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Xor

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Nand

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Nor

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Implies

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.Equivalent

.. autoclass:: diofant.logic.boolalg.ITE

The following functions can be used to handle Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal forms-

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.to_cnf

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.to_dnf

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.is_cnf

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.is_dnf

Simplification and equivalence-testing

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.simplify_logic

Diofant's simplify() function can also be used to simplify logic expressions to their simplest forms.

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.boolalg.bool_map


This module implements some inference routines in propositional logic.

The function satisfiable will test that a given Boolean expression is satisfiable, that is, you can assign values to the variables to make the sentence True.

For example, the expression x & ~x is not satisfiable, since there are no values for x that make this sentence True. On the other hand, (x | y) & (x | ~y) & (~x | y) is satisfiable with both x and y being True.

>>> satisfiable(x & ~x)
>>> satisfiable((x | y) & (x | ~y) & (~x | y))
{x: True, y: True}

As you see, when a sentence is satisfiable, it returns a model that makes that sentence True. If it is not satisfiable it will return False.

.. autofunction:: diofant.logic.inference.satisfiable