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.. module:: diofant.plotting.plot


The plotting module allows you to make 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional plots. Presently the plots are rendered using matplotlib as a backend.

The plotting module has the following functions:

  • plot: Plots 2D line plots.
  • plot_parametric: Plots 2D parametric plots.
  • plot_implicit: Plots 2D implicit and region plots.
  • plot3d: Plots 3D plots of functions in two variables.
  • plot3d_parametric_line: Plots 3D line plots, defined by a parameter.
  • plot3d_parametric_surface: Plots 3D parametric surface plots.

The above functions are only for convenience and ease of use. It is possible to plot any plot by passing the corresponding Series class to Plot as argument.

Plot Class

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.Plot

Plotting Function Reference

.. autofunction:: plot

.. autofunction:: plot_parametric

.. autofunction:: plot3d

.. autofunction:: plot3d_parametric_line

.. autofunction:: plot3d_parametric_surface

.. autofunction:: diofant.plotting.plot_implicit.plot_implicit

Series Classes

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.BaseSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.Line2DBaseSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.LineOver1DRangeSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.Parametric2DLineSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.Line3DBaseSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.Parametric3DLineSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.SurfaceBaseSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.SurfaceOver2DRangeSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot.ParametricSurfaceSeries

.. autoclass:: diofant.plotting.plot_implicit.ImplicitSeries