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Commits on Sep 22, 2010
  1. typo in user

    ilya authored
  2. added terse_pod_url to the APP_CONFIG hash

    ilya authored
  3. @danielgrippi
  4. @danielgrippi
  5. removed app_config from repo

    ilya authored
  6. @danielgrippi
  7. @danielgrippi

    DG MS; cleaned spec

    danielgrippi authored
  8. tiny typo

    ilya authored
Commits on Sep 21, 2010
  1. terse_url in user, db seeds are fixed, config/app_config.yml is now i…

    ilya authored
    …n gitignore, copy over config/app_config_example.yml.
  2. @danielgrippi
  3. @danielgrippi
  4. syntax error in seed script

    ilya authored
  5. Merge branch 'master' of

    ilya authored
  6. Make db seed set app_config[:pod_url]

    ilya authored
  7. RS, IZ; removed url from user and views

    ilya authored
  8. RS, IZ; Pod url moved to app_config.yml, app_config.yml refactored, d…

    ilya authored
    …iaspora_handle now set based on APP_CONFIG
  9. @danielgrippi
  10. @danielgrippi

    DG MS; cleaned up spec

    danielgrippi authored
  11. Correct mailing list link

    Raphael Sofaer authored
  12. Fixing COPYRIGHT file

    Raphael authored
  13. IZ, RS, Pulled receiving out of user file, refactored receive method …

    Raphael authored
    …to be clearer
  14. @Dorian

    Some refactoring again (define code rules would be good)

    Dorian authored Raphael Sofaer committed
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