Venmo Flask Example OAuth App
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Venmo OAuth Flask Example

An example server-side implementation of obtaining a long-lived access token for Venmo OAuth.

Venmo API documentation available here.


Install flask and requests

pip install flask
pip install requests

Create a new Venmo Application by visiting

Login and go to: Account > Developers > New Application.

Create new application

Clone this repo and cd into the venmo-flask directory. Create a file with these definitions:

CONSUMER_ID Your Venmo app ID e.g. 1349 **NO QUOTATION MARKS**
CONSUMER_SECRET Your Venmo app secret as a string e.g. 'E4jWCktKjvnDoIjdFwXaQuGBKPhxTDXR'
APP_SECRET A random string used to encrypt your session cookies e.g. 'thisappisnice'

Then run


Go to localhost:5000 in your browser, and log in with your Venmo credentials.