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Simple client-side i18n tool


This util is aimed for anyone looking for internationalization of their text contents without having to rely on the server to deal with the locale changes. Basically multi-language contents are served instead of resolved contents, and i18n.js manages locale change events strictly on client-side.
Besides element content, two types of html attributes are supported:

  1. Content - data-i18n="key"
    This is used to define text content for <div>, <span> and <p> nodes.
    e.g. <p data-18n=""></p>

  2. Placeholder attribute - data-i18n-placeholder="key"
    This can be used to define text content for <input> placeholders.
    e.g. <input type="text" data-i18n-placeholder="">

  3. Value attribute - data-i18n-value="key"
    This can be used to define text content for <input> values.
    e.g. <input type="submit" data-i18n-value="">


You can check out this live demo:
The same demo is available within this project.


  1. Store your multi-language labels in json format: localized-content.json and serve it together with your html.

  2. Write your markup with key references using data-i18n attributes.

  3. On DOM load, call the i18n constructor followed by the invocation of the traverse resolver:

    var i18n = new I18n();
  4. When handling language change events, notify i18n:

    function langHandler (newlang) {

Calling i18n.lang('en') will not only update i18n's state but also perform another traverse. Also i18n.localize() should be called after performing any dynamic changes to the DOM.

JSON contract

There is only one rule you must follow when modeling these bundles: leaf nodes must have language keys!
For instance, if you are passing this structure:

	"mySite": {
		"title": {
			"en": "My Website",
			"pt": "A minha página"
		"section": {
			"article": {
				"summary": {
					"en": "An abridged description of this article...",
					"pt": "Uma descrição resumida deste artigo..."

you can use keys mySite.title and mySite.section.article.summary, by writing your markup as such:

<h1 data-i18n="mySite.title"></h1>


<p data-i18n="mySite.section.article.summary"></p>


This util relies on jQuery to perform some DOM manipulation. I would recommend using an updated version (1.12.x or 2.x), although this will probably run with any older version since it is only taking advantage of $.getJSON() and the jQuery selector function $().

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