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This module is the same as the sessions module, except that:
1. NotificationMixin sets a "notifications" property instead a "session" one,
and that the NotificationManager ("notifications") gets an object only once, and
deletes it from the database after retrieving;
2. The objects are stored in db 1 (for default) instead of 0 to avoid conflicts
with sessions. (You can change this setting with the "db_notifications" setting
in the "storage" setting.)
from pycket.session import create_mixin, SessionManager
class NotificationManager(SessionManager):
STORAGE_CATEGORY = 'db_notifications'
def get(self, name, default=None):
Retrieves the object with "name", like with SessionManager.get(), but
removes the object from the database after retrieval, so that it can be
retrieved only once
session_object = super(NotificationManager, self).get(name, default)
if session_object is not None:
return session_object
class NotificationMixin(object):
def notifications(self):
Returns a NotificationManager instance
return create_mixin(self, '__notification_manager', NotificationManager)