Generic and simple dungeon game for the js13kgames competition
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Your Hero Game!

A quick game HTML5 for the JS 13k Games 2013 competition.

"Your Hero Game" is a very simple dungeon explorer game. You play a rookie trying to become a hero, and to prove yourself worth you must complete a simple quest: Return a stolen amulet from the evil Gathor!

Tested on Firefox and Chrome. Controls: Click interact and walk, you can also use the keyboard to move.

Awesome tileset from Jerom 16x16 fantasy tileset!

Dijkstra code using Andrew Hayward library.

Checkout the game at js13kgames, or Try it out!.

Your Hero Game

Here I learned:

  • Tiles!
  • Level changing
  • Paths for monsters
  • "Buttons"
  • Basic Entity/Component System
  • Basic Plugins/Events System
  • Spritesheets