Yet Another Augmented Reality (a wrapper in javascript)
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Yet Another Augmented Reality in Javascript

This is just a wrapper. Get the (rear, if available) camera into a canvas and detects augmented reality markers on it, smoothly and also works fine on mobile.

Just check it out.

js-aruco is a great augmented reality lib in javascript, based on ArUco, a lightweight RA based on OpenCV.

Also checkout the js aruco markers to use with this.


Work and tested on:

  • Desktop Firefox
  • Desktop Chrome
  • Android Firefox
  • Android Chrome

Does Not Work on:

  • Android Stock Browser
  • iOS Safari
  • Desktop Safari
  • IE

Likely to work, but not tested:

  • iOS Chrome
  • iOS Firefox

Does not work on Android nor iOS stock browser so, no phonegap or cordova. But could work on Chrome Apps, got to test that.


Place yarr.js and detector.js in known place. Detector actually contains the code for OpenCV and Aruco in it, and it works as a webworker.

Take a look at index.html.

So, simply:

var opts = {
  id: 'canvas-id', // canvas for the yaar to use
  draw: true, // If I should draw lines on the found markers, good for debug
  onMarker: function(markers){} // listen for found markers, with their ids and position
var instance = yaar(opts);
// sometime later


OpenCV is BSD.

JS-Aruco is MIT.

This is MIT.