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<!-- Starts New Order Page -->
<div id="screen_order_current">
<div class="go_back_plate go_back_menu_plate"><span class="icon-back">Go Back to Order</span></div>
<div class="inner_page_title">
<div class="page_title">
<h1 class="icon-my-order">My Order</h1>
<div class="page_inner">
<div class="information_message">
<h4 class="icon-info">Your current order is empty. You can add products by tapping on the "Menu" tab.</h4>
<div class="confirmation_message">
<h4 class="icon-confirm">Your order was placed. You can accompain it's status on the "Order Status" tab.</h4>
<ul class="order_products">
<div class="place_order_message">
<h4 class="icon-price"></h4>
<button class="place_order">Place Order</button>
<!-- Ends New Order Page -->