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Glacier theme for Brackets

This theme is totally based on one of coolest themes I've encountered, and that is Glacier theme for Sublime Text


How to Use

  1. Open Brackets.
  2. Open the Extension Manager.
  3. Switch to Themes tab.
  4. Search for Glacier.
  5. Click Install.
  6. View -> Themes... -> Glacier.
  7. Enjoy! :)


  1. Comment color is changed to purple so it is more visible. That was on purpose.
  2. Fonts are added - one you see on screenshot is premium font called Congenial Light. font-family: Congenial Light, Neris Thin, Neue Kabel, Titillium, Exo, Menlo, Monospace, sans-serif; It will automatically drop to Titillium - which is free, and you should install it, if you don't have any of premium fonts.
  3. Thank God for less and lesstester and Brackets editor itself. Without it this wouldn't be possible
  4. See error, or something u'd like to fix? Send PR or write in issues

Code Screenshot of CSS

Code screenshot of Js