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Custom LaTeX2e documentclass for typesetting beautiful, modern theses.
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A custom LaTeX2e documentclass for typesetting beautiful, modern theses.

Apart from the actual documentclass dionsthesis, this repository contains a PDF version of my Master's thesis in Physical Oceanography and the LaTeX sources that I have used to create it.

My custom documentclass dionsthesis.cls is based on uiothesis by Eivind Uggedal (a mirror of uiothesis is found e.g. here), and is an extension of the amazing memoir documentclass.

Documents created with dionsthesis can be compiled with any modern PDFLaTeX compiler. In order to build my thesis, you will need to have Adobe's Minion Pro fonts installed. If you don't have these fonts, remove the option minionpro from \documentclass{dionsthesis}, and Linux Libertine will be used instead. If you want to compile my thesis, you will also have to install my package pgfcache (but it is not required to create your own document with dionsthesis).

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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