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50 lines (26 sloc) 1.347 kb externs and tools for HaXe is the Flash player re-implemented in iOs, Android, and Html5, allowing you to write code in Javascript and instantly update your game on all supported platforms.

This repo contains externs so you can write HaXe, giving you typed functions, code completion, classes, macros, and the ability to export to other platforms.

This is a first draft, it's likely that some of the spaceport classes are not yet in the corresponding flash packages.

The demo

First build the client app with haxe:

cd <spaceport-haxe>/demo
haxe build.hxml

Then start a simple web server with python:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Or run the the web server supplied with the SDK, and change the served directory and port.

Then take your browser to:


Your own games

You need to:

  • import the spaceport haxelib in your .hxml build file
  • remap

    --remap flash:spaceport --remap fl:spaceport

  • add a callback to flash.Lib to get notified when is ready:

    flash.Lib.onSpaceportReady(function () :Void { new HelloWorld(); });

That's it! Now you have a multi-platform game, ready to go on the web, iOs, and Android.

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