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.gnupg Add gpg config Feb 15, 2014
.oh-my-zsh @ a7e30b2
.ackrc Scala stuff and ack Nov 5, 2013
.gitconfig Include "git lg" in git conf Jul 22, 2016
.gitignore Scala stuff and ack Nov 5, 2013
.haskeline vim mode for haskell ghci Apr 15, 2014
.inputrc Add vim as input mode for rlwrap Nov 22, 2012
.screenrc Some git, ruby, and java options Oct 15, 2013
.vimrc-minimal Add tab = 4 spaces Apr 1, 2012
.zshrc Clean-up .zshrc from system-specific parameters Nov 20, 2016
.zshrc.zni Adding my configuration files for vim, zsh Mar 29, 2012 Adding my configuration files and directories for vim and zsh Mar 29, 2012 Don't link the install script to home (closes #2) May 26, 2015

This repository contains my configuration files that I use across my linux workstations. Feel free to download and put them in your home directory.