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SABR (Spatial and Action Based Resolver)
------------ GENERAL ------------
SABR (Spatial and Action Based Resolver) is a constraint programming
language designed with an emphasis on spatial and temporal logic.
Programs compile to CNF (Conjunctive Normal Form), which is then solved
by a CNF solver, whose results are processed into human readable form.
The goal of the language is to make representing puzzles and operations
research problems not just possible, but also intuitive and the solving
of these problems efficient.
From a theoretical perspective, the language can also be used to prove
a problem is NP-Easy and can be used to verify properties about automata
and systems that can be modeled as automata such as circuits and programs.
------------ INSTALL ------------
SABR is installed using
python depend
This command will create a dependency diagram using a dot file
indicating which files primarilly use which other files and how
the program progresses and place it in doc/depend.
python minisat
This will install the default cnf solver used SABR. The default
cnf solver is minisat. More information can be found at
python parser
This will use flex and bison to create the c files from the lex
and yacc files in the parser directory.
python build
This will build SABR from core utils and parser.
python clean
This will clear all unnesary files in the SABR directory.
python cleanall
This will also clear minisat installation.
------------ RUN ------------
To run SABR, you must provide the number of stages as the first argument.
An optional type of compilation flag. Then input the SABR program to run.
The output file will appear as result.out.
For more information on the language view doc/LANGUAGE.
./sabr 20 -all < test/Simple/simple.tb
No flag will produce the for the cnf and execute and
process it to human readable form.
This will only produce the After this, a more advanced
sat solver could be used.
This will be like initial, but will output debug information.
This will assume dimout.out will come from another cnf solver.
This will run like with no flag, but also output debug results.
------------ TESTING ------------
Testing is done with
-full can be added where indicated to fill in debug results
python debug
Tests compiler post-process syntax checking.
python simple
python simple-full
Does simple tests for compiler functionality.
python adv
python adv-full
Does advanced tests for compiler functionality.
python hard
python hard-full
Does difficult tests for compiler functionality.
python all
python all-full
Does all tests for compiler functionality.
python clear-debug
Clears the debug results for all tests (reduces project size).