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C++ library that helps take the legwork out of creating node.js extensions. Header-only and based on Boost.Python's interface.
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node-bind is a header-only C++ library that takes the grunt work out of creating node.js extensions.

node-bind uses some C++0x features (variadic templates and some TR1 libraries) and can only be used with compilers that provide at least some C++0x support. For gcc, this means using the --std=c++0x option.

A Quick Example

struct MyType
    MyType(int first_, int second_)
        : first(first_)
        , second(second_)

    std::string toString()
        return "<<MyType>>";

    void doSomething(nodebind::string const& val, nodebind::function const& cb)
        cb(val, nodebind::keywords::undefined);

    int first;
    int second;

void doSomethingElse()
    // ...

NODE_BIND_MODULE( my_extension )
    using namespace nodebind;

    set("doSomethingElse", &doSomethingElse);

    class_<MyType>("MyType", construct<int, int>())
        .set("first", &MyType::first)
        .set("second", &MyType::second)
        .set("toString", &MyType::toString)
        .set("doSomething", &MyType::doSomething)
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