Generate a static map, with markers, paths and shape contours, from the map you are currently viewing.
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This tool does not work anymore, as minification ruined its domain in early 2011. It was a great hack and so it shall be remembered.

This is:

A bookmarklet that allows to get a static map out of a dynamic Google map, with just a click.

Go to and drag the bookmarklet to your Bookmarklet Holder Thingie.

It does markers:

And paths and shapes:

PS: one-click static maps creation is addictive.


Some of the map information is available (the center and the map’s geographical bounds). The rest is inferred as follows:

  • the zoom is calculated with a magic formula depending of map’s width, geographical bounds, and wisdom
  • the markers, paths and shapes are found by recursively searching the map’s properties until finding objects that quack like markers / paths / shapes (hack-ish!)

Full description: