PoC for breaking jQuery by minification
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What is this?

This is a fork of jQuery 1.11.3 that only breaks when built with a particular version of the minifier (uglify-js@2.4.23, possibly earlier versions though I haven't checked). It was used to make the PoC described in this blog post.

./html includes HTML files that behave differently in "interesting" ways depending on whether the included jquery script is minified.

Building a non-broken build

$ npm install
$ grunt

Building a broken build

$ npm install

Open node_modules/grunt-contrib-uglify/package.json and set "uglify-js": "2.4.23" in the "dependencies" field. Then to force grunt-contrib-uglify to install this particular version of uglify-js:

$ cd node_modules/grunt-contrib-uglify
$ rm -r node_modules
$ npm install
$ cd ../..
$ grunt