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Project developed during the NASA Space App Challenge for the 'Smart Cities, Smart Climate' challenge
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This is a project developed for the Space App challenge (20 - 21 April 2013)

Challenge: 'Smart Cities, Smart Climate'

Project Overview

Bad weather changes have been prevalent in most part of South Africa Theses conditions have proven to be quite fatal especially in cities. Bad weather conditions affect our daily living in the city. And just by monitoring and developing a low cost platform to inform citizens we can counter the negative effects of bad weather on our daily activities

This project investigate the effect of bad weather in our daily activities and aim to build a low cost module to help citizens to be aware of weather conditions at any time anywhere in the city and therefore plan their traffic route more efficiently and in a greener way.

An Arduino based sensor system that captures temperatures, humidity, rainfall intensity and carbon monoxide level. The captured data are sent over to a server where all the data can be pulled and viewed on a webpage or a mobile device.

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