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Direct Connect hub implementation for ADC and NMDC protocols (and beyond).

Requires Go 1.12+.


  • Fully multi-threaded.
  • Support NMDC, ADC and IRC users on the same hub.
  • Uses a single port for all protocols (protocol auto-detection).
  • Search and chat between NMDC and ADC.
  • Supports TLS for ADC (adcs://) and NMDC (nmdcs://).
  • Automatic TLS certificate generation.
  • HTTP(S) pinger support.
  • User registration, profiles and operators.
  • User commands.
  • Chat rooms.
  • Go plugins.
  • LUA scripts.
  • PtokaX LUA scripts support.
  • Flood filters.


  • Spam filters.
  • Get certificates from LetsEncrypt.

Building on Linux

Download and install Go 1.12+ from this page, or install it with Snap:

# install the Snap package manager:
sudo apt install snapd
# install the latest stable Go version:
sudo snap install --classic go

And build the hub binary:

go build ./cmd/go-hub

Building on Windows

Download and install Go 1.12+ from this page. You may also need to install Git.

To build the hub binary, run:

go build .\cmd\go-hub

Running the hub

First, run the hub configuration:

./go-hub init

This will create a file called hub.yml with the default configuration.

To create a user with admin permissions:

./go-hub user add "Bob" "MyPass" root 

To run the hub:

./go-hub serve

Check help for additional commands and flags:

./go-hub -h


To enable performance profiling:

./go-hub serve --pprof

A profiling endpoint will be available at http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof.

See pprof documentation for more details.


BSD 3-Clause License