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Ruby / Dummy (load time)
real 0m0.496s
user 0m0.396s
sys 0m0.089s
real 0m0.484s
user 0m0.391s
sys 0m0.088s
real 0m0.482s
user 0m0.390s
sys 0m0.088s
Ruby / REXML
real 0m32.156s
user 0m30.114s
sys 0m1.518s
real 0m34.290s
user 0m32.440s
sys 0m1.608s
real 0m37.662s
user 0m35.432s
sys 0m1.775s
Ruby / Nokogiri
real 0m12.839s
user 0m12.007s
sys 0m0.648s
real 0m12.642s
user 0m11.879s
sys 0m0.638s
real 0m12.333s
user 0m11.661s
sys 0m0.615s
C++ / QAR
real 0m0.908s
user 0m0.788s
sys 0m0.072s
real 0m0.904s
user 0m0.787s
sys 0m0.070s
real 0m0.890s
user 0m0.775s
sys 0m0.069s
Ruby / QAR
real 0m1.746s
user 0m1.516s
sys 0m0.179s
real 0m1.733s
user 0m1.508s
sys 0m0.175s
real 0m1.760s
user 0m1.527s
sys 0m0.177s