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Commits on Oct 10, 2012
@scotchi scotchi Move copyright header up above requires eab1af6
@scotchi scotchi Rename to 'directededge', bump version 819e506
@scotchi scotchi Start the rewrite: add XML parser / generator and Link class 70cc369
@scotchi scotchi Start working in a database and item skeleton 9d340da
@scotchi scotchi Move most of the tricky logic for Items into the ContainerProxy 8d50c63
@scotchi scotchi Start laying down the framework for saving 43de91b
@scotchi scotchi Add in our own Resource subclass to handle parameter formatting 2f53f27
@scotchi scotchi Get saving working 29b0632
@scotchi scotchi Return self from load d8c1cfe
@scotchi scotchi Combine the logic of these two methods into a single private method bf4164c
@scotchi scotchi Make sure to convert hash values to strings 3a9f7c2
@scotchi scotchi Add in preselected and blacklisted to the working set 3d54235
@scotchi scotchi Add in working UpdateJob
Compared to the old one, this creates temp files automatically without
bothering the API user with such and also has a much more Ruby-ish API.
@scotchi scotchi Formatting f85ced4
@scotchi scotchi Update to latest Jeweler, regenerate gem spec
The current version of Jeweler now uses Gemfiles a la Bundler.  One tricky
thing to note for the future is that 'rake gemspec' totally fails if the
gem's root directory isn't the same as the git root directory, so we have to
copy the dir to another place (e.g. /tmp) to create the specfile.
@scotchi scotchi Just work with the first item instead of a list
This was originally done as a list just in case that was ever useful, but,
well, it seems silly to have code for a case that's never used.
@scotchi scotchi Get related and recommended queries working 77ebea3
@scotchi scotchi Make it so that you don't have to pass in an object to create a link
Now you can use:

item.links.add 'product5', :weight => 2

Instead of:

item.links.add'product5', :weight => 2)
@scotchi scotchi Rename file to match class name 08fffcd
@scotchi scotchi Add a method to import from a file d8a38ec
@scotchi scotchi Add function to export the database to a file f4eeb89
@scotchi scotchi The export / import methods make more sense as part of the database 8939c3f
@scotchi scotchi Extend parsed strings to include attributes available in the XML
This is useful with the :include_properties = true option to
related and recommended.
@scotchi scotchi Add convenience methods for setting / fetching properties 350c677
@scotchi scotchi Make sure that link properties are converted to the right type on the…
… way in
@scotchi scotchi Formatting 270fe58
@scotchi scotchi Add group related ad96d91
@scotchi scotchi Rename these to simply import and export c4cb859
@scotchi scotchi Convert Items to Links as well b59e96f
@scotchi scotchi Don't require a block to be passed for creating raw items faeadfb
@scotchi scotchi We need to create raw items even if there's no queued data 12bf85e
@scotchi scotchi The source member was removed in an earlier revision f4011c1
@scotchi scotchi Make sure that a comparison between links and strings works 67e5818
@scotchi scotchi Port and get working the Exporter (now UpdateJob) test 895e243
@scotchi scotchi Port test bd2a2a9
@scotchi scotchi There's a better test_tags later on 023b0e6
@scotchi scotchi We need to be able to compare between Link and Item objects as well 4a699f8
@scotchi scotchi Define a 'to_s' method for items ce5edf4
@scotchi scotchi Recommended queries should use exclude_linked by default c317717
@scotchi scotchi Clear the query cache on save e3b8943
@scotchi scotchi Add a destroy method 3278d40
@scotchi scotchi Port the item tests to the new bindings e0054e5
@scotchi scotchi Port tags and properties tests 396e5d3
@scotchi scotchi Port link types and load test 14772d3
@scotchi scotchi 'reset' is a better approximation of the old 'reload' b627f97
@scotchi scotchi Make it possible to look up links by target / type 9d9b426
@scotchi scotchi Leave the error checking for this on the server a49d5e9
@scotchi scotchi Port ranking test c546f66
@scotchi scotchi Port group related test 864df21
@scotchi scotchi URI.encode is deprecated and broken; use CGI.escape 7e075a4
@scotchi scotchi Port bad links and query parameters tests 2421c2b
@scotchi scotchi Make it possible to look up list values by value as well 9501ca0
@scotchi scotchi Port properties test 1444dec
@scotchi scotchi Port include_tags test efe1a47
@scotchi scotchi Fix typo 8ecb9ca
@scotchi scotchi Port preselected test ad2dd4a
@scotchi scotchi save calls reset, so doing such explicitly isn't needed 07346d1
@scotchi scotchi Port blacklisted test 10bb803
@scotchi scotchi Remove timeout test since it's been unused for ages dc516a9
@scotchi scotchi Finish porting include_properties test a3e64de
@scotchi scotchi Minor updates to README
This should later probably evolve into more of a tutorial, but this
fixes the syntax errors that are based on the old API
@scotchi scotchi Organize imports 0d8bc51
@scotchi scotchi Don't send over values that == 0 601066b
@scotchi scotchi Add a method to run an import job as a block 841f042
@scotchi scotchi Add tests for new UpdateJob methods 1042888
@lucijan lucijan convert method to symbol before looking it up e7f6809
@scotchi scotchi Don't throw exceptions when accessing an item that hasn't been create…
…d yet

This also adds an exists? method for testing if an object exists in the database
@scotchi scotchi Don't send (empty) add / remove requests in addition to the main PUT
If we're doing wholesale replacement of a cached item, we don't need to bother
with the POST to add / remove the additional info since the info for the PUT
request should be totally self-contained.
@scotchi scotchi Require Rake 0.8.7 3bf78a9
@scotchi scotchi Add test for 'constness' in things coming out of the ContainerProxy b248448
@scotchi scotchi Don't check here unless we're on nginx
We already know that this fails on Apache.  We don't need to be reminded
of such every time we run the tests on localhost.
@scotchi scotchi Specify the path in the require
This allows single tests to be run, i.e. not using rake
@scotchi scotchi Formatting bcac426
@scotchi scotchi Get history entries basically working eafb7f8
@scotchi scotchi Switch to using the /items/ prefix for item IDs 6241401
@scotchi scotchi Start adding in a History class to manipulate the list of histories 5d7f6df
@scotchi scotchi Make it possible to add and remove histories 7673211
@scotchi scotchi Make it possible to completely replace the histories list c554807
@scotchi scotchi Read these out of the History object 4dba031
@scotchi scotchi Add an equality operator ad0721f
@scotchi scotchi Add tests for adding and removing histories 0a45711
@scotchi scotchi nil.to_i returns 0, which evaluates to true; use a turnery operator i…
@scotchi scotchi Add test for history entries
Removing individual history entries is still not supported (short of doing
a "set" on the entire set of entries).
@scotchi scotchi Add in support in the bindings for fetching properties of history items.
This slightly changes the API for creating HistoryEntry objects from:'target', :history => history)

to:, 'target')

Also, now, to trigger loading of history properties, the item must be passed
the :include_properties option, e.g.:, 'item1', :include_properties => true)
@scotchi scotchi We need an accessor for the properties 1ff6fa6