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Script provided as is. Use at own risk. No guarantees or warranty provided.
Description - Script designed to login to Azure resources
Source -
Prerequisites = 1
1. Ensure azurerm module installed or updated
ensure that install-az msonline has been run
ensure that update-az msonline has been run to get latest module
Allow custom scripts to run just for this instance
set-executionpolicy -executionpolicy bypass -scope currentuser -force
## Variables
$systemmessagecolor = "cyan"
$processmessagecolor = "green"
$errormessagecolor = "red"
$warnmessagecolor = "yellow"
write-host -foregroundcolor $systemmessagecolor "Script started`n"
write-host -foregroundcolor $processmessagecolor "Azure PowerShell module loading...."
Import-module az
write-host -foregroundcolor $processmessagecolor "Azure PowerShell module loaded"
## Select ARM account
$subscription = get-azsubscription
if ($subscription.count -lt 2) {
## See if there are multiple subscriptions in tenant
## Only one subscription in tenant so set this as default
Set-AzContext -SubscriptionID $subscription
else {
# More than one subscription, set the first one as current
write-host -foregroundcolor $processmessagecolor $subscription.count, "subscriptions detected."
write-host -foregroundcolor $warnmessagecolor "Selecting subscription = ", $[0]
Set-AzContext -SubscriptionID $subscription.Id[0]
## Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionID $subscription.Id[0] –Default
## Get-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionDataFile "C:\Temp\MySubscriptions.xml
write-host -foregroundcolor $systemmessagecolor "Script finished"
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