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Script provided as is. Use at own risk. No guarantees or warranty provided.
Script designed to display a trace of all emails sent in recent hours to screen
Source -
Prerequisites = 1
1. Ensure connection to Exchange Online has already been completed
More scripts available by joining
## Variables
$systemmessagecolor = "cyan"
$processmessagecolor = "green"
$errormessagecolor = "red"
$warnmessagecolor = "yellow"
$hours = 48 ## Number of prior hours to check
## If you have running scripts that don't have a certificate, run this command once to disable that level of security
## set-executionpolicy -executionpolicy bypass -scope currentuser -force
write-host -foregroundcolor $systemmessagecolor "Script started`n"
$dateEnd = get-date  ## get current time
$dateStart = $dateEnd.AddHours(-$hours) ## get current time less last $hours
$results = Get-MessageTrace -StartDate $dateStart -EndDate $dateEnd | Select-Object Received, SenderAddress, RecipientAddress, Subject, Status, ToIP, FromIP, Size, MessageID, MessageTraceID
$results | out-gridview
write-host -foregroundcolor $systemmessagecolor "Script completed`n"
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