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Script provided as is. Use at own risk. No guarantees or warranty provided.
Source -
Description - Show SharePoint and ODFB site storage usage from largest to smallest
Prerequisites = 1
1. Ensure SharePoint online PowerShell module installed or updated
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## Variables
$systemmessagecolor = "cyan"
$processmessagecolor = "green"
$highlightmessagecolor = "yellow"
$sectionmessagecolor = "white"
## If you have running scripts that don't have a certificate, run this command once to disable that level of security
## set-executionpolicy -executionpolicy bypass -scope currentuser -force
write-host -foregroundcolor $systemmessagecolor "Script started`n"
$sposites=get-sposite -IncludePersonalSite $false -limit all | Sort-Object StorageUsageCurrent -Descending ## get all non-ODFB sites
Write-host -foregroundcolor $sectionmessagecolor "*** Current SharePoint Site Usage ***`n"
foreach ($sposite in $sposites) { ## loop through all of these sites
$mbsize=$sposite.StorageUsageCurrent ## save total size to a variable to be formatted later
write-host -foregroundcolor $highlightmessagecolor $sposite.title,"=",$mbsize.tostring('N0'),"MB"
write-host -foregroundcolor $processmessagecolor $sposite.url
$sposites=get-sposite -IncludePersonalSite $true -Limit all -Filter "Url -like '" | Sort-Object StorageUsageCurrent -Descending
Write-host -foregroundcolor $sectionmessagecolor "*** Current ODFB Site Usage ***`n"
foreach ($sposite in $sposites) {
write-host -foregroundcolor $highlightmessagecolor $sposite.title,"=",$mbsize.tostring('N0'),"MB"
write-host -foregroundcolor $processmessagecolor $sposite.url
write-host -foregroundcolor $systemmessagecolor "Script completed`n"
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