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## Session list from Ignite 2018
BRK2022 - Become more productive with Azure - tips and tricks -
BRK2076 - Build your communities using SharePoint and Yammer -
BRK2094 - The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap -
BRK2102 - Better teamwork together: Sharepoint and OneDrive integration with Microsoft Teams -
BRK2103 - Accelerate productivity with search and discovery in SharePoint Bing for Business -
BRK2125 - Getting the most out of SharePoint: 7 habits of highly effective users -
BRK2126 - How to build OneDrive habits that will make users happier and more productive -
BRK2131 - Driving Adoption and Usage with OneDrive: You've deployed it but can you get folks -
BRK2133 - What's new and coming to Microsoft OneDrive -
BRK2136 - SharePoint innovations for intranets and portals: Live on stage! -
BRK2256 - What's new and coming up next in Microsoft Office mobile apps -
BRK2300 - Windows virtual desktop overview -
BRK2379 - Azure files in 2018: Bigger, faster, better! -
BRK2387 - Automate tasks using Azure Cloud Shell or Azure PowerShell -
BRK2434 - Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role-based exam prep: MS-101 Mobility & Security -
BRK2438 - Azure Administrator role based exam prep: AZ-100 infrastructure and deployment -
BRK2451 - Content collaboration in the Modern Workplace -
BRK2482 - End-to-end security for SMBs with Microsoft 365 Business -
BRK3023 - Getting started with Microsoft Search -
BRK3087 - Office in Virtual Desktop environments -
BRK3090 - Customizing Modern SharePoint Sites: Branding Site Scripts and Site Designs -
BRK3100 - What's new in External sharing and collaboration w/ OneDrive & SharePoint -
BRK3118 - Microsoft Teams architecture -
BRK3148 - Securing Exchange Online from modern threats -
BRK3221 - Combat advanced cyber attacks with Microsoft Cloud App security -
BRK3241 - Enable Azure Active Directory Conditional Access to secure user access while -
BRK3263 - Top ten mistakes companies make in getting started with Azure -
BRK3320 - The value of the Microsoft Managed Desktop -
BRK3368 - Successfully deploy Microsoft 365 Business in your SMB -
BRK3385 - Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role-based exam prep: MS-100 Identity and Services -
BRK3408 - Azure Active Directory best practices from around the world -
BRK4010 - Anatomy of an attack in Microsoft 365 -
BRK4012 - How to manage Team effectively -
DT1003 - Service degraded: Recognizing mental burnout in your colleagues and yourself -
THR1067 - Introduction to PowerShell for the anxious IT Pro -
THR1142 - A quick overview and demo of how simple it is to backup and restore Office 365 data -
THR2025 - SharePoint Mobile App: Find and Discover Information on the Go -
THR2302 - A tour of Windows Virtual Desktop -
THR3093 - introduction to Microsoft Managed Desktop -
THR3123 - Getting stuff done: Solving Office 365 problems with PowerShell -