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Directus Objective-C SDK

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This codebase is a work-in-progress. The repo is here as a placeholder for anyone interested in contributing to the software development kit. Pull-requests and contributions are welcome!



API for

This ObjC package is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 1.1
  • Package version:
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.ObjcClientCodegen


The SDK requires ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) to be enabled in the Xcode project.

Installation & Usage

Install from Github using CocoaPods

Add the following to the Podfile:

pod 'DircetusClient', :git => ''

To specify a particular branch, append , :branch => 'branch-name-here'

To specify a particular commit, append , :commit => '11aa22'

Install from local path using CocoaPods

Put the SDK under your project folder (e.g. /path/to/objc_project/Vendor/DircetusClient) and then add the following to the Podfile:

pod 'DircetusClient', :path => 'Vendor/DircetusClient'


Import the following:

#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSApiClient.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSDefaultConfiguration.h>
// load models
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetActivity.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetActivityData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetActivityMeta.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetBookmark.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetBookmarks.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetBookmarksData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetBookmarksMeta.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetFile.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetFiles.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetFilesData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetGroup.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetGroups.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetGroupsData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetGroupsDataData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetGroupsDataMeta.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetMessage.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetMessages.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetMessagesData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetMessagesMeta.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetMessagesResponses.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetPreferences.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetPreferencesData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetPrivileges.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetPrivilegesData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetPrivilegesForTable.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetSettings.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetSettingsData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetSettingsDataFiles.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetSettingsDataGlobal.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetSettingsFor.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetSettingsForMeta.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTable.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableColumn.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableColumnData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableColumns.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableColumnsData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableRow.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableRows.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableRowsData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTableRowsMeta.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTables.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTablesData.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGetTablesMeta.h>
// load API classes for accessing endpoints
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSActivityApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSBookmarksApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSFilesApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSGroupsApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSMessagesApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSPreferencesApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSSettingsApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSTablesApi.h>
#import <DircetusClient/DRCTSUtilsApi.h>


It's recommended to create an instance of ApiClient per thread in a multi-threaded environment to avoid any potential issues.

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

DRCTSDefaultConfiguration *apiConfig = [DRCTSDefaultConfiguration sharedConfig];

// Configure API key authorization: (authentication scheme: api_key)
[apiConfig setApiKey:@"YOUR_API_KEY" forApiKeyIdentifier:@"access_token"];
// Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed
//[apiConfig setApiKeyPrefix:@"Bearer" forApiKeyIdentifier:@"access_token"];

[apiConfig setHost:@""];

DRCTSActivityApi *apiInstance = [[DRCTSActivityApi alloc] init];

// Returns activity
[apiInstance getActivityWithCompletionHandler: 
              ^(DRCTSGetActivity* output, NSError* error) {
                            if (output) {
                                NSLog(@"%@", output);
                            if (error) {
                                NSLog(@"Error: %@", error);

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
DRCTSActivityApi getActivity GET /activity Returns activity
DRCTSBookmarksApi addBookmark POST /bookmarks Create a column in a given table
DRCTSBookmarksApi deleteBookmark DELETE /bookmarks/{bookmarkId} Deletes specific bookmark
DRCTSBookmarksApi getBookmark GET /bookmarks/{bookmarkId} Returns specific bookmark
DRCTSBookmarksApi getBookmarks GET /bookmarks Returns bookmarks
DRCTSBookmarksApi getBookmarksSelf GET /bookmarks/self Returns bookmarks of current user
DRCTSFilesApi createFile POST /files Creates file
DRCTSFilesApi getFile GET /files/{fileId} Returns specific file by id
DRCTSFilesApi getFiles GET /files Returns files
DRCTSFilesApi updateFile PUT /files/{fileId} Creates file
DRCTSGroupsApi addGroup POST /groups Add a new group
DRCTSGroupsApi addPrivilege POST /privileges/{groupId} Create new table privileges for the specified user group
DRCTSGroupsApi getGroup GET /groups/{groupId} Returns specific group
DRCTSGroupsApi getGroups GET /groups Returns groups
DRCTSGroupsApi getPrivileges GET /privileges/{groupId} Returns group privileges
DRCTSGroupsApi getPrivilegesForTable GET /privileges/{groupId}/{tableNameOrPrivilegeId} Returns group privileges by tableName
DRCTSGroupsApi updatePrivileges PUT /privileges/{groupId}/{tableNameOrPrivilegeId} Update privileges by privilegeId
DRCTSMessagesApi getMessage GET /messages/{messageId} Returns specific message
DRCTSMessagesApi getMessages GET /messages/self Returns messages
DRCTSPreferencesApi getPreferences GET /tables/{tableId}/preferences Returns table preferences
DRCTSPreferencesApi updatePreferences PUT /tables/{tableId}/preferences Update table preferences
DRCTSSettingsApi getSettings GET /settings Returns settings
DRCTSSettingsApi getSettingsFor GET /settings/{collectionName} Returns settings for collection
DRCTSSettingsApi updateSettings PUT /settings/{collectionName} Update settings
DRCTSTablesApi addColumn POST /tables/{tableId}/columns Create a column in a given table
DRCTSTablesApi addRow POST /tables/{tableId}/rows Add a new row
DRCTSTablesApi addTable POST /tables Add a new table
DRCTSTablesApi deleteColumn DELETE /tables/{tableId}/columns/{columnName} Delete row
DRCTSTablesApi deleteRow DELETE /tables/{tableId}/rows/{rowId} Delete row
DRCTSTablesApi deleteTable DELETE /tables/{tableId} Delete Table
DRCTSTablesApi getTable GET /tables/{tableId} Returns specific table
DRCTSTablesApi getTableColumn GET /tables/{tableId}/columns/{columnName} Returns specific table column
DRCTSTablesApi getTableColumns GET /tables/{tableId}/columns Returns table columns
DRCTSTablesApi getTableRow GET /tables/{tableId}/rows/{rowId} Returns specific table row
DRCTSTablesApi getTableRows GET /tables/{tableId}/rows Returns table rows
DRCTSTablesApi getTables GET /tables Returns tables
DRCTSTablesApi updateColumn PUT /tables/{tableId}/columns/{columnName} Update column
DRCTSTablesApi updateRow PUT /tables/{tableId}/rows/{rowId} Update row
DRCTSUtilsApi getHash POST /hash Get a hashed value
DRCTSUtilsApi getRandom POST /random Returns random alphanumeric string

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: access_token
  • Location: URL query string


Directus is released under the GPLv3 license. RANGER Studio LLC owns all Directus trademarks and logos on behalf of our project's community. Copyright © 2006-2018, RANGER Studio LLC.