An Estimator of Blood Alcohol Content
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An Estimator of Blood Alcohol Content


This repository contains software tools for conveniently estimating blood alcohol level based on:

  • the drinker's sex,
  • the drinker's body mass,
  • the number of drinks consumed, and
  • the time period of drinking.

It is particularly aimed at making it easier to figure out whether you are too drunk to drive.

The repository provides two tools:

  • is a Python module and command-line tool, and
  • ebac.html is a standalone HTML/JavaScript webapp.


To install, just copy the file into your local Python site-packages area. It is known to be compatible with at least Python 2.7, and probably Python 2.5 also.

To install ebac.html, just point your web browser at it. It has no external dependencies and will run just fine from anywhere. I have an instance on my personal website.


The formula for estimating blood alcohol content used in these tools is derived from the 2009 paper Alcohol use among university students in Sweden measured by an electronic screening instrument:

EBAC = (0.806 × D × 1.2) / (BM × W) - (MR × P)


  • 0.806 is the constant for body water in blood,
  • 1.2 is a scaling factor defined by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health,
  • D is the number of standard drinks (10 grams ethanol) consumed,
  • BM is the drinker's body mass in kilograms,
  • W is the body water constant (0.49 for women and 0.58 for men),
  • MR is the metabolic rate constant (0.017 for women and 0.015 for men),
  • P is the drinking period in hours.


EBAC is released under the "BSD 2-clause license", the full text of which can be found in the header comments of all source files.