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Extension Definitions

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Extensibility is an important requirement for business applications built to follow custom processes in Line of Business(LoB) areas. In the cloud toolkit, a generic description of the extension points and extensions is provided without explicitly defining the contract. This a simple but powerful way to define extensions.

Extension Points

An Extension Point is the place in the core module, which is expected to be enhanced by particular custom created modules. It is a simple JSON formated *.extensionpoint file and is placed in the Extension_Definitions project folder.

	  "description":"description for extension point 1"


An Extension is the plug-in in the custom module, which extends the core functionality. It is a simple JSON formated *.extension file and can be found in the Extension_Definitions project folder.

	  "description":"description for extension 1"

The "extension" parameter above should point to a valid Scripting Service in the same language.

Calling Extensions

Within the core module, you can iterate over the defined extensions and call theirs functions:

	var extensions = extensionManager.getExtensions("/project1/extensionPoint1");
	for (var i=0; i < extensions.length; i++) {
	    var extension = require(extensions[i]);

In the code above, the extension is a JavaScript Service Library (extension1.jslib) within the same project, and it has exposed an enhanceProcess() function.

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