PHP 7 vagrant development box with nginx, php-fpm, MySQL, Symfony, Laravel, ... on Ubuntu 16.04
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Set up a PHP development box super fast

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The installation process will create a folder symfony-standard inside the main directory of the repository. You can now start working inside this folder directly on your host computer using your favourite IDE. Changes done there will be reflected directly on the vagrant box as the directory is mounted in the vagrant box under /vagrant. Also you can login into the box using vagrant ssh and have the full control over processes etc.

As the provisioning using the ansible provisioner is very fast you can repeat the whole procedure at any time. In order to start fresh just run vagrant destroy and vagrant up. This will undo all you manual changes done on the vagrant box and provide you with a clean setup.

Installed components

If you don't like/need some of the components just remove them from the roles section in playbook/vagrant.yml.




  • Introduce php_version variable, set PHP default version to 7.0 #33
  • Upgrade Ubuntu box to 16.04 (latest LTS version) #33


  • Transfer ansible playbooks to roles #31


  • Switch provisioner to ansible #18


  • Provision development environment using puppet