Backup your files to Amazon Web Services S3
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Active Memory

Backup your files to Amazon Web Services in a way that slowly forgets! I've learned that this way is refered to as the 'Grandfather, father, son' strategy.

This script copies a file to Amazon S3 and rotates it.

The filename will have a date stamp added before the first . in the filename. Do not add a timestamp yourself, this will cause the script to treat the file as a unique file and the rotation won't work!

Rotation works as follows:

  • Keep files from the last X days
  • After that, keep Y files spaced at least a week apart
  • After that, keep Z files spaced at least 30 days apart


pip install


Export the following environment variables:

  • export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=yourkeyidhere
  • export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=yoursecretkey

You can also use one of the other methods supported by boto. bucket prefix file.

See python -h for more info.