This is an example Agile Toolkit setup where the system files don't reside in public webroot. This benefits security.
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Secure Agile Toolkit setup

The default setup for Agile Toolkit (4.2.*) has all it's files publicly available in webroot. There are number of reasons why this is insecure. This project shows a default setup where the system files are removed from webroot. It also shows how to make use of the PHP dependency manager Composer.


  • Clone git project

$ git clone

$ curl -s | php

  • Update packages

$ php composer.phar update

Windows users

This Agile Toolkit setup requires symlinks to be able to access the default Agile Toolkit resources like images, css files etc. How to use symlinks on the Windows platform is described here. After, you should create the following symlink:

cd public/atk4
mklink ../../vendor/atk4/atk4/templates/ templates