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Combinable completion functions for Vim.

This repository contains functions that can be used in combination with a patched AutoComplPop to combine the results of multiple completion sources into one PopUp Menu. One use case is to augment RopeOmni from python-mode with completions for a small area around the current line or the whole current buffer. There is some example code included for this use case.

To see how these two plugins can be connected take a look at this blog post

There are two files of interest:


Here you find three completion functions:


It searches through the configured area of the current buffer only. All of the configuration in the first section of the source file applies to it. Please read through that section. There is no documentation file.


This function searches through all buffers. It respects the case and keyword-char configuration.


Search the file configured in Vim's 'dictionary' setting for matches. It can optionally search for matches case-insensitively. The dictionary has to be utf-8 encoded.

All three functions can have individual minimum leading word lengths configured after which they start to produce results. This makes only sense in combination with ACP.

In addition, all three functions mimic Vim's 'infercase' behavior.


This is a pretty rough and hardcoded module for demonstration purposes. Please read the mentioned blog post for more.


To test, execute nosetests from the root directory. For example:

$> nosetests pylibs.localcomplete_tests

It requires mock


On how to add this plug-in, I'd like to refer you to Vundle or Pathogen.