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|                              README.TXT                                |
|                          SLASH'EM ver 0.0.7                            |
|               Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic            |
|                           A Nethack Variant                            |
| Courtesy of the Slash'EM development team with the efforts and support |
| of countless others, especially the slashem-devel mailing list.        |
|                                                             (1997-2004)|
| Nethack is Copyright 1985-2003                                         |
|            By Stichting Mathematisch Centrum and M. Stephenson.        |
| SLASH'EM and NetHack may be freely redistributed.                      |
| See license in the dat directory for details.                          |

| Index |

1 - News
	1.1 Status
	1.2 Changes
2 - Getting started
	2.1 Using official binaries
	2.2 Playing the game
	2.3 Building it yourself
3 - What is the Nature of this Beast?
4 - Who is Responsible & The Credits
	4.1 The dev-team
	4.2 Acknowledgements
5 - Further reading

| Section 1: News |

1.1 Status

The development of version 0.0.7 of Slash'EM started with version 0.0.6E5
(yes, we realise our version numbers are a little odd - it made sense at
the time!). Version 0.0.7E6 was the first beta release.

If you find any bugs then please submit a report via the offical bug page:

If you are interested in the development of Slash'EM, please also join
the slashem-devel mailing list so that you can take part in discussions
and give us any feedback.

If you'd just like to talk about Slash'EM with other players or chat to
the developers, then please join the slashem-discuss mailing list.

Finally, all users are encouraged to join the slashem-announce list,
which is very low traffic but will keep you up to date on new versions.

Slash'EM mailing list page (including archives):

All the above, and more, are available via our home page:

1.2 Changes

ver 0.0.7E7F3 [December 30/2006] [Released by Ali]
-inserted missing #ifdef resulting in compilation of pure ansi tty version for DOS failure.
-fixed bug 1461660: Misaligned door
-fixed bug 1449238: #youpoly takes a turn when denied
-fixed bug 1432473: help for Luggage shows help for Lug/Lugh
-fixed bug 1428520: Poisoned ID'd weapon gives description as well as ID
-fixed bug 1375292: help for wombat shows text for bat
-fixed bug 1375286: pummel strikes nothing, inside ochre jelly
-fixed bug 1355891: Cannot wish for multiple potions of vampire blood
-fixed bug 1314114: Shopkeepers cant see Shirts through invisible armour
-fixed bug 1304954: You can Name the Sword of Balance
-fixed bug 1223533: Typo error in the Install.X11 file
-fixed bug 1407275: Wrong weight of medical kits
-fixed bug 1213658: Death message missing with gas spore explosion when blind
-fixed bug 1291161: #force command doesn't work on locked box
-fixed bug 1223632: #force on shop doors
-fixed bug 879247: gender & alignment select dont focus on "random" button
-fixed bug 943553: Eating off floor while levitating
-fixed bug 1432411: Knew the colour of a potion thrown on me, when blind
-fixed bug 1449159: DEFAULT_WINDOW_SYS wrong if only X11 enabled
-fixed bug 1400802: wax golems don't emit light
-fixed bug 1586216: USE_REGEX_MATCH fails on Solaris 10
-fixed bug 1583978: Grammer error in broken celibacy message
-fixed bug 1549137: Technique cutthroat is effective to no-head monster
		    (Michael DiPietro)
-fixed bug 1288590: Potion of hallucination cannot be identified by drinking
-fixed bug 1482524: alchemy with gain level asymmetric (Michael DiPietro)
-fixed bug 1546379: Fedora & charisma (Michael DiPietro)
-Actioned feature request 1504905: Add french translation of manual page
		    (Rémi Delrue)
-fixed bug 1624174: koala bugs steed
-fixed bug 1539448: rotten wraith corpses GPF
-fixed bug 1521400: Dungeon collapsed returning to full level
-fixed bug 1211513: Upgraded objects retain names, even artifact names
-fixed bug 1554633: lichen, grown on a dead pet corpse, inherits pet's name
-fixed bug 1521471: Medical kit contents can leak
-fixed bug 1609542: Reaper + eyes of overworld
-fixed bug 1503394: Conduct= is not always written to logfile
-fixed bug 1558274: Light source weapons not working properly
-fixed bug 1602002: dmonsfree when using travel command & burdened

See history.txt for changes made in previous versions.

| Section 2: Getting started |

2.1 Using official binaries

The Slash'EM development team make offical binaries available for a few
platforms. There are other, unofficial, binaries available as well which
will come with their own instructions.

2.1.1 DOS

Support for this platform is sporadic at best. You may find you have to
use an unofficial binary. When an official binary is provided:

o Decompress the zip archive into its own directory.
o Use a text editor to review defaults.nh and make any changes needed.
o If you chose to keep the fancy graphical environment (the allegro
  interface) by leaving video set to autodetect, then review alleg.cnf
  as well (this file is ignored in VGA tile mode).
o Run the slashem executable.

2.1.2 MAC

The MAC binary comes with its own documentation which you should consult.

2.1.3 Linux RPMs

Perform the following steps:

o Install the package using rpm -U <package file>
o Read the RPM specific documentation in README.RPM
o In case of difficulty, consult Ali's linux page:

2.1.4 MS-Windows

Perform the following steps:

o Download the core package and install it. This will allow you to play
  Slash'EM using the native gui (common controls) windowing interface.
o If you would prefer to use the console (tty) windowing interface, then
  you need to edit the defaults.nh file and set the windowype option to
  tty by uncommenting the relevant line.
o If you would prefer to use GTK, an alternative graphical windowing
  interface, then you need to download and install the GTK add-on package
  as well. You will also need a copy of the gtk-win runtime environment
  version 2.2.1 or above. This is available from
o Use a text editor to review either or both copies of defaults.nh and
  make any changes needed.
o If you chose to install the GTK add-on interface, then review gtkrc
  as well.
o Use the start menu or desktop icons to play Slash'EM under your
  preferred windowing interface.

2.2 Playing the game

Once in the game, type in the name for your alter ego.  You will then
be prompted to select your character's role and race.  Select a gender
and alignment, if necessary.  Once you're on the dungeon map, use the
number pad to move around (or the standard roguelike keys [yuhjklbn],
if your turn off number_pad).  Move into monsters to attack them.
Help is the '?' key, inventory is 'i'.

Try out the menu system by hitting the ` key.

2.3 Building it yourself

If you don't already have a copy of the source code for Slash'EM then
get the source tarball via our homepage:

Then read the installation instructions specific to your platform,
as follows:

	Amiga		sys/amiga/Install.ami
	Atari		sys/atari/Install.tos
	MAC		sys/mac/Install.mpw
	MS-DOS		sys/msdos/Install.dos
	OS/2		sys/os2/Install.os2
	UNIX		sys/unix/Install.unx
	VMS		sys/vms/Install.vms
	MS-WinCE	sys/wince/Install.ce
	MS-Win32	sys/winnt/Install.gcc

| Section 3: What is the Nature of this Beast? |

THE PROBLEM:  The AMULET OF YENDOR has been stolen.  Not only that but
it appears that the Wizard of Yendor (not a nice person), who took the
amulet, is hiding in the Dungeons of Doom (not a friendly place).

The SOLUTION:  Well, armies have been suggested.  Maybe hiring a superhero
or two.  Unfortunately, it seems that it is more economical to offer a
reward and let some poor adventurer with dreams of glory go and get it.
Guess who's got the enviable job of saving the day...

Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic (SLASH'EM) is a role-playing
game where you control a single character.  The interface and gameplay
are similar in style to Rogue, ADOM, Angband and, of course, Nethack.
You control the actions through the keyboard and view the world from an
overhead perspective.

| Section 4: Who's Responsible & The Credits |

4.1 The dev-team

o Project administrators: Warren Cheung and J. Ali Harlow
o Developers: Pekka Rousu and Clive Crous
o Mac port: Paul Hurtley

4.2 Acknowledgements

Thanks to Andrew Apted, who contributed the glHack interface.

Thanks to Kevin Hugo (, the previous Macintosh
maintainer and the author of many changes, who has had to move on to
other projects.

Thanks to Dirk Schönberger (, who worked on
the Qt and Linux ports.

Thanks to Ben Olmstead for mirroring the homepage.

Thanks for the support, bug reports and suggestions of
(in no particular order):

	Pat Rankin, Linley Henzell, 0ystein Kerstad, Jim Miller, pi,
	Steven Uy, Alex Critchfield, Mike Balcom, Sascha Wostmann,
	Drew Curtis, Daniel Krause, E. P. Dinklewhopper, Tim Jordan,
	Lukas Geyer, Kresimir Kukulj, Brent Oster, Travis McKay,
	Jared Withington, Philippe-Antoine Menard, Ain Uustare,
	Doug Yanega, David Tang, Lief Clennon, Robert Herman, Petra Prinz,
	Aki Lumme, Nick Number, Robin Johnson, Heiko Niemeier, Chris Bevan,
	David Damerell, Kevin Hugo, Daniel Mayer, Ben Olmstead, Tom Friedetzky,
	Kalle Niemitalo, Sabine Fischer, Christian Bressler, Jake Kesinger,
	Chris Subich, Paul Sonier, Peter Makholm, Matthew Ryan, J. Ali Harlow,
	George Stephens, Bruce Cox, Edward Walker, Karl Garrisson,
	Finn Theoderson, Kelly Bailey, Seth Friedman, Jonathan Nieder,
	Eva R. Myers, Darshan Shaligram, Tina Hall, Christian Cooper.

| Section 5: Further Reading |

o Slash'EM Homepage:
o Ali's Slash'EM page:
o Eva's spoiler page:
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