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This is the build environment for the SLAMD Distributed Load Generation Engine.
To build SLAMD, execute the script on UNIX systems, or the build.bat
batch file on Windows. If you get an error message that indicates that the
JAVA_HOME environment variable is not set, then you must define that variable
to reference the root of the Java 1.4 or higher JDK installation. On most UNIX
systems, this may be done like:
export JAVA_HOME
On Windows, this may be done like:
set JAVA_HOME=C:\java
When the build is complete, the "build/classes" directory will contain all the
compiled class files, and the "build/package" directory will contain the
packaged SLAMD server and client archives. If JavaDoc documentation is to be
generated, then it will be under the "build/javadoc" directory.