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Project paused/closed for now

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This is the work in progress documentation for this project. The official write-up can be found here

Essentially, I have one of these


Which generates its own power and I wanna log lots of stuff/data from it and hook it up to the internet (sporadically). I wanted to do this as I've been looking for a bike computer but none of them would allow me untethered access to the data they gather (you know, for graphs).... in the price range I was looking in AND the bike generates power AND that rear light is useless (I use a separate taillight). I'm hoping this comes out a little bit cheaper and allows any type of measurement you can think of to be logged.

I thought about generalising this to a data logging platform, but I have a habit of letting my ideas get the better of me, so a simple build log and toy at the end will suffice. I'm hoping the end product will be a simple waterproof box that takes its power from a small feed and logs data from any number of sensors (and then deals with it sensibly when its in range of a network it knows about) - you could always add a solar cell and a much larger battery for more robust use.


This is a hardware & software project based around a raspberry pi zero w. The goals of this are:

  • low power
  • smallest possible foot print
  • fit unobtrusively on the frame of a bike
  • weatherproof
  • easy mounting to allow it to be quickly removed from the bike when parked.
  • take power from a bike Dynamo Hub
  • have a UPS function that allows it to continue running for a short period of time when there is no main power feed
  • logs to a USB drive
  • graceful shutdown when battery power is low
  • looks for a home wifi network and when it connects, it transfers all data to a google drive spreadsheet. This needs to happen quickly as there will only be a limited amount of run-time once the bike stops.
  • take input from any number of sources (hopefully bluetooth/wireless as wires on a bike are hard)

Work Logs

These are blog style pages detailing how things were made

  1. is it even possible...
  2. Logging Platform ←←Current!!
  3. Bike Computer


Equipment list & Costs

List of things bought for this build. I kinda got carried away on the weather station I built last time, so in the interests of marital harmony, I'm logging it this time. No easy way to embed it here, so it's on google docs

Third party modules used throughout

During Testing

Where I borrowed things from

  • table of contents throughout this wiki is gh-md-toc
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