The Unofficial Avorion Linux Server Manager
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DIRTY-SERVER-MANAGER A script for quick server deployment and management of the server.

Tested and works on these linux OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Debian 8

Partial Support for: Centos 7

You don't need to own Avorion on Steam to use this.

INSTALLATION Step 1: Verify or install these dependencies: lib32gcc1, tmux (V2.0+), php7.0, php7.0-gd

    sudo apt-get -y update
    sudo apt-get -y install lib32gcc1 tmux php7.0 php7.0-gd

Step 2: Create a new user for avorion to run on. (Do not use root)

    sudo adduser avorion
    sudo su - avorion

Step 3: Download the manager

    wget -O DirtyServerManager.tar.gz

Step 4: Unpack the tar file

    tar -xvf DirtyServerManager.tar.gz

Step 5: Steamcmd and avorion server Installation

    ./manager install

Step 6: After a successful server installation you can start the server

    ./manager start

Step 7: [Optional] To start the web interface run this commands

    ./manager start-web

    This command will start the PHP-web-server, this server is unable to handle ssl requests.
    Ultimately the php server is not as robust as an apache server, that is why I include an apache setup below.

Alternatively: [Optional] Apache settup for those who wish to take advantage of SSL(https)

su root           'or another user with sudo access'
sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt-get -y install apache2 libapache2-mod-php7.0 libapache2-mpm-itk
cd /home/avorion
sudo ./

Regardless of which server you choose, the site will be accessed via:

Step 8: After all is done and working properly be sure to secure your firewall with the appropriate commands. Remember to open ports for the game as well as the web interface These are the default ports you will need to open:

    udp/27020  -Steam
    tcp/27020  -Steam
    udp/27021  -Steam
    tcp/27021  -Steam
    tcp/8080   -web interface default
    tcp/443    -If using apche/ssl

Check help for more commands:

./manager help

To update your manager and web interface use command from the directory the manager is located:

./manager Update_Manager

FAQ: Q: How do I see server's console and use commands? A: Attach to it with ./manager attach.

Q: How do I safely detach from server's console? A: Press Ctrl+B and then D.

Q: I have a " wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32" error! A: Copy from serverfiles/linux64 to server's root(serverfiles/). For default configuration:

cd serverfiles cp linux64/ .

Q: Installation/update is stuck in a loop! A: Press Ctrl+C to stop it, then check for errors. If you can't solve them try posting them here.

Q: How do I first login into the Web Interface? A: username: admin password: admin (make sure you change it.)

Credit: I want to give some credit to Aki for his original work here: Aki provided me with a base script to start with and allowed me to focus on adding features.