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@claunia claunia released this Jul 19, 2018 · 754 commits to master since this release


If you have created images in Alcohol 120% format with previous versions you need to execute the image-info command and do the following:
If the image is of a Compact Disc running for 60 minutes or more, it will show as 01:mm:ss:ff. You need to convert it to another Alcohol 120% image to correct it.
If the image has any track marked "MODE 2", you need to convert it also.
If the image shows more than one session, or has tracks changing mode between them (e.g. Audio then MODE1, or MODE2 Form 1 then MODE2 Form 2), you need to redump it.

In any other case there is nothing you need to do.

If you are in doubt, open an issue with the output of image-info and we'll tell you.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


- Alcohol 120% disc image

  • Correct writing images of Compact Disc >= 60 min
  • Correct writing MODE2 tracks to image
  • Correct writing TOC to image
  • Generation of multisession images
  • Generation of pregaps changing tracks
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