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Reporting physical device capabilities

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Command description

This operation will test a physical device for its read capabilities. If the media is removable, it will ask you to insert different media on it, as read capabilities vary with different media. The report will be saved in the executing directory, and sent to us. Shared reports can be seen in

Command usage

DiscImageChef device-report -d [true/false] -i <device> -v [true/false]

-d, --debug=[true/false] shows debug output (default false)
-i, --input=<dump> path to the physical device
-v, --verbose=[true/false] shows verbose output (default false)


FreeBSD: DiscImageChef device-report -i /dev/cd0
Linux: DiscImageChef device-report -i /dev/sdb
Windows: DiscImageChef device-report -i \\.\PhysicalDrive3

Operating system support

Device type FreeBSD macOS Linux Windows
SCSI Block device Yes No [1] Yes Yes
SCSI MultiMedia device Yes Not yet [2] Yes Yes
SCSI Streaming device Yes No [1] Yes Yes
Parallel ATA No [3] No [1] Yes Yes
Serial ATA Yes No [1] Yes Yes
USB Partial [4] Partial [5] Yes Yes
FireWire Partial [6] Partial [5] Yes Partial [6]
PCMCIA Partial [7] Partial [5] Yes Partial [7]
SecureDigital / MultiMediaCard Not yet [8] No [1] Yes Untested [9]
  1. a b c d e macOS only allows talking with MultiMedia devices
  2. ^ Support for MultiMedia devices in macOS will be added if users require it
  3. ^ Not supported due to upstream bug
  4. ^ USB descriptors are not retrieved
  5. a b c Only MultiMedia devices can be supported and descriptors will not be retrieved
  6. a b FireWire descriptors are not retrieved
  7. a b PCMCIA CIS is not retrieved
  8. ^ Support will come with FreeBSD 12-RELEASE
  9. ^ Should work, untested due to not available hardware
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